"GDPR and Cyber-Security Vulnerability Assessment"            

Knowing how data is used by your organization is critical to being able to secure and analyze it for risks. Under the GDPR, organizations are expected to maintain detailed and up-to-date internal records of their data processing activities. INS provides a simple and automated solution for data mapping, enabling businesses to visualize the entire data lifecycle while maintaining an evergreen data inventory as well as identifying gaps and tracking recommendations for remediating risk

Our penetration tests safely simulate an attempted cybersecurity breach, which allows our team to identify weak spots and assess the potential impact of a cyber attack on your network and data.  We will embed automated systems that are designed to drive early identification of risk and threats across key platforms, applications, networks, systems, and products. This allows us to review the coverage and depth of your security vulnerability.


2017 the Federation of Small Business found that 66% of small businesses had been a victim of cyber-crime, with a cost of around £6,000 each for recovery.

In 2018 over 40% of all UK hacking scams and security breaches happen in Northern Ireland. Scamming is no longer done for fun, it has become a lucrative business. Therefore, cybercrime is on the rise. There are more ways to leak business data accidentally than ever before. All the while, your employees don’t take the necessary steps to protect company data. Small businesses face the biggest risk. They lack sophisticated protection and rarely take the necessary steps to prevent a breach. According to Ponemon research, only 16% of small business owners in Northern Ireland have Data Security Policy in place.​


More and more, hackers can wipe out all data with a snap of their fingers. Many businesses experience a loss of access to data and this results in not being able to trade – which could have catastrophic consequences. Even worse, if their customers and employee data are lost or stolen, this can lead a GDPR legislation breach and costly court costs.

If you think that your business data (customers or employees) is at risk,
contact INS Ltd. immediately. This is too important just to hope for the best.



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