Our Journey

Since our inception, INS Consulting has been totally
focused on building a strategic business consultancy that provides bespoke solutions for you and your business.


Mark Beeton


At the heart INS Consulting's business model is a belief in the importance of long-term relationships. Trust is created in these relationships through the delivery of first-class service and high-quality advice.

INS Consulting's founder, Mark Beeton, began his insurance career in 2001. His industry experience includes, broking, underwriting and senior leadership positions in global organisations and medium-sized brokerages.

Mark is a true industry expert who prides himself on his professionalism and dependability. He is passionate about simplifying the business support landscape by offering pragmatic and no-nonsense advice and support to help businesses overcome barriers to growth.

“We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work. The need for specialist advice has never been greater. The pace of change is accelerating. Competition for the right talent is fierce. And ‘talent’ no longer means the same as ten years ago; many of the roles, skills and job titles of tomorrow are unknown to us today. How can organisations prepare for a future that few of us can define? How will your talent needs change? How can you attract, keep and motivate the people you need? This isn’t a time to sit back and wait for events to unfold. 


Many businesses are operating on the premise of a reactive strategy. When a competitor innovates or does something to make themselves more attractive to the target audience, they are left playing catch-up. This reactionary technique has many shortcomings. The most obvious one is that it keeps the business from properly innovating. Proactive business strategies are a must have for helping companies develop new techniques to make their products and services more attractive to consumers."

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