INS CONSULTING - your trusted partner


We cover permanent roles as well as temporary, interim and contract roles – giving our clients and candidates maximum flexibility through changes brought about during Covid-19. 

Demand outstrips the availability of skills from within the Industry. But with INS Consulting's deep knowledge of the Insurance Industry and our many years of building relationships with professionals in areas such as broking, underwriting, management, compliance, claims and sales, we are in a prime position to source the candidates we know will make the right match.

Choose the best recruitment option for you:

Permanent Placement

Hire early career professionals up to senior level execs.

Interim Talent 

Hire for your short-term temp, interim or project needs.

Remote Roles

Highly skilled candidates ready to start remote work quickly and easily.

Culture Change Consulting

We help insurance companies change their culture to perform better. We work closely with multinationals, as well as small and medium companies. 

Company culture can be defined as the personality of an organisation, or “The way we do things around here”. It is what characterises how people perceive a company's attitudes, values and beliefs; those taken for granted ways of thinking and behaving. It is what is ‘accepted and familiar’ to a particular group.


Creating a positive and healthy work culture improves all areas of business from finance, brand image, employee retention, processes, productivity and overall workplace atmosphere.


In an era of disruption, strategy is more important than ever. We offer creative solutions to help develop and execute winning strategies. We'll build enduring value by identifying future growth opportunities as well as helping you mobilise for change, navigate

uncertainty, and flex as needed, so you achieve sustained, profitable growth. We provide an outside, expert perspective on business challenges. We'll offer you fresh, objective takes on difficult issues and ensure that you are considering every angle when it comes to big decisions.

Sales Force

A unique, strategic approach to sales growth that delivers measured, profitable results. We provide virtual and face to face sales training, coaching and consultancy services to drive your sales performance and growth. Learn negotiation, pitching insight selling techniques.


From improving negotiation skills and communicating powerful insights, right through to strategic account management; we work with your organisation to give sales professionals the training they need to think and sell differently.